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This might come across as insensitive to our friends living through the 12 degrees on the thermometer in Estes Park this morning (I checked the temp when I woke up), but we are taking a week to disconnect, warm up and recharge. It’s pretty amazing how fortunate we are to be responsible for the history and reputation of The Taffy Shop. We don’t take the responsibility lightly, and that can take a bit of an emotional toll. This isn’t a complaint, but an admission that we need to step away for a few days and take a break after the end of the year pandemonium, and before spring break hits. We are in love with Estes Park and what we get to do there, and truly enjoy the work and people that come through that front door. So we will see you soon, but right now, it’s time to get back to absorbing that warm sun.

February 25th 2019

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